I’ve been fooled by chinese (Alibaba fail, Zhejiang Quinntek)

This time I publish in english to get so much publicity as possible to this bad example.

Chinese Alibaba seller Zhejiang Quinntek Co., Ltd. cheated on selling Bitcoin miners, the most bad (the others did not accept full payment before contact, this one did and told having most sales in Alibaba, would be most reliable seller with best customer service, just best partner of all and ”In stock” status so shipment would be sure.).

I purchased online and paid by Visa. After 1-2 days of waiting I got a message from seller. The sales manager Delia Chen told me, that there is no way to get that item in that price. The price would be much higher, because of Bitcoin price. By what, why?

I asked so what? – I had ordered hardware with fixed price, AND I did pay all (including shipping) instantly online by credit card. That makes Alibaba contracts binding, the price can’t change anymore. In contract and terms of market place that’s told very clear.

Well after figuring out I would not accept new price, she said they just can’t deliver. That there is no S17 Pro anymore. WHAT?! They had them in stock but none is to ship? No way!

Since, she said ”no, won’t happen.” In as many words as I told to stay in contract. Almost.

So, if there is no those ”in stock” items while provided In stock and they do have stock of newer one (both in stock status proved with price list updated 4 days before shown in chat), that is not force majeure. I told to replace it with replacing model S19 Pro. I could make some compensation with BTC after mined them, as gesture of good will. I own that.

She didn’t accept that either.

I tried once again and again and again to explain the situation. We have binding contract. It’s 2-way. They should fulfill it after all. And I repeated also that I could mine BTC and give compensation to the end of the year, at least 1/2 of my income – that makes around 0,1 BTC or more. No, that wasn’t fair for her, she think she is the one who is right and me the unreasonable. Well, what I think about the case is that I was more than fair.

10.2 Unless otherwise expressly provided in this Contract, neither Buyer nor Seller may unilaterally terminate this Contract.
10.3 Upon termination of this Contract, the Seller and Buyer shall agree in writing on such other terms not explicitly set out in this Contract (such as, but not limited to, any arrangements relating to return of Products).
(Source: Trade Assurance Purchase Contract, Order No. :6877921800xxxxxx6)

She told to accept refund, nothin else happens. I highly disagreed and told that many times in many way. So finally I placed refund by dispute form. I made it $0,01 less than full price so now the contract and containing item is 0,01 USD worth of (new seller accepted value, they agreed to refund other). Still continuing with item to ship contract, while she did accept the money refund application as is. 👌😉🌹

If she had read carefully the new agreement she signed (I wish she had 🤦‍♂️) by dispute and refund, there’s also requirement of 3000 USD compensation and explanation why. You should never just click-tap ok. Let’s that be a little lesson between professionals. I think she is not one (yet), more like rookie. I think I’m much more professional what comes to contracts and sales. We all have to pay to learn in the real world.

I still disagree to cancel this order or change the contract, but I accepted refund. She told to, I did. I don’t have to agree anything else and I have said it many times in Alibaba chat. I did choice to not terminate the contract and shipment but continue and agree refund. Just because of Alibaba’s system is so automated that sellers can do anything and don’t have to worry about contracts. And those seems to use system against customers. But if you have worries without full refund, you can have contact to Alibaba’s people to solve the problems. And of course I’d like to have my money back fast if no success anyway.

I also have instant loss of money (something around 30 USD), since Alibaba’s money transport system won’t give money transfer or exchange fees back. But after all the money is not my primary reason to do things now, but the fact I got fooled.

She said I’m greedy and unreasonable, so I transform into one. #PayBackTime

I think I’m worth of new Bitmain Antminer S19 Pro or maybe even two of them. Free of charge in this situation. They have sold more than 200 000 of these miners as they advertise and have multi million business in Alibaba. So couple of new state-of-art Antminers is nothing to they. But unprofessional customer service, abusing online shop and contract violation is worth of big money – even worse in public. And their sales director let me do this while I told far before publishing which way I go if she totally refuse to fulfill contract. And that she did. 🤔

The world is cruel but let’s hope better tomorrow. I’m just one man with small company who tried to buy from China and I had to be disappointed through the worst. Seems at this point, that Alibaba don’t really care about buyers, while there is no way to force sellers fulfill contract if they just force to take money back but won’t ship. Also it seems like the Zhejiang Quinntek company won’t care about anything but bigger profits. So who’s the greedy and unreasonable here?

I’m not sure how to contact and which one I should try of people in charge in her company 章高魁 (ZHANG GAOKUI) or 裘芳媛 (QIU FANG YUAN) about this case. How Delia Chen fooled me and how they do correct things while she is not able to deliver proof ”in stock” status equipment already sold, once paid and contract binding by their side. If fulfilled (hopefully by Bitmain Antminer S19 Pro), then I will pay later more, but now there is only $0.01 USD initial payment left, while their sales director does not read carefully what she signs in their company’s name. I’ve gave her time until 1. April to complete shipment and after that it will collect days in statistics about delivery problems in Alibaba.

My Bitcoin address is 13XJPARZHYGFxH1Rw7y7bFmur8uR2gDMAU if you like to support me to get Antminer or like that information sharing.

Edit 2021-01-19: tiny word/sentence corrections, etc...
Edit 2021-01-21: added the last parts related to his company and its people in charge
Edit 2021-03-01: I recovered this from trash and updated, also found out that Alibaba's system has bug so I can't accept refund of $0,01 to close the case even if I agree that I lost about $30 to unnecessary Visa payment method fees because of fooling seller. The minimum refund is $0.2 so were trapped to the case until the item shipped.

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